Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr Who Came Calling.....

Hi all - Here is the card I made for a good friend's 12 year old son, who is... you guessed it... a HUGE Dr Who fan. I was leisurely blog surfing just before Chrissy and came across this card here and thought, WOW! He would LOVE that! So I have cased it almost exactly. And Valita has very kindly shared the template also, so that makes it so easy :)

Ps: It is a much larger than normal card.

Anyway the friend's son LOVED it! {Beaming yet again - I LOVE card making}

And still counting down the days to go back to work (one) and the re-painting/renovating is taking a lot longer than I remembered it did LOL - We are in such a mess!!!! We were hoping for the carpet to go in on Friday but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. DH is also now putting in a built-in which we were going to do later but decided would be good to do now and paint also so we are not trying to paint over the new carpet. (we are VERY messy painters LOL) We were hoping to have it built and painted before Friday but things just don't happen like they used to (pre-kids LOL) - OH well better to have a good job done that a rushed job that we won't be happy with.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Step Layers......

Edited: YAH!!!! I made the top five!!!

Hi all - How are you all going? This is my VERY belated friend's birthday card. I had to get it done as I was going to miss yet ANOTHER challenge if I didn't LOL! Also the fact that I am SO late has to come into consideration doesn't it?......

When I started planning this card I was also going to use Kristina's one time colour challenge but that ran out, plus I was going to do the first-of-the-month challenge at Mojo Monday but that ran out also..... then I was going to incorporate another colour challenge but missed it also.... getting the idea.... LOL So I thought if I didn't get it done quickly then I'm going to miss the
ABC challenge also as it finished this Wednesday. But looky here! YAH! I got it done!!!!

The ABC challenge for this fortnight is L for Layers and so I decided (since now it was my only challenge to concentrate on LOL) to do a Step card (layered card, right?) plus I have layered everything! Do you think I have enough layers for the challenge LOL.

Now I just have to get it to my friend before she sees this LOL. She is not usually an internet surfer like me :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Roses.....

Hi all - This is the other sideways step card that I made. I am so pleased with them. I love how they are a bit different. The only thing with a a bit different is it takes a lot longer to make!!! So one doesn't get to make as many cards as one may like to :}

I made this for a fellow demonstrator whose birthday was just before Christmas. And for once in my life I was reasonably organised and had it made on time ready to post. Can you believe it! I don't know if it arrived in time with the Chrissy post but at least I know I sent it LOL. And now I'm back to my old ways.... :{ am already late with one friend's card. Her birthday was last week and I have planned her card a few times but haven't made one yet. Bad bad girl!!!

And to top it off, I start back at work next week and we have just started re-doing bedrooms! What the?...... Have had six weeks off and hubby three, and now we start???????? So going to be a very busy household over the next couple of weeks..... But don't know how much card making is going to get done.... Never know might inspire me more LOL... We can only wait and see............

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fantasy Box.... Finally!!!

Hi all - Well I finally did it! I have wanted to make one of these for nearly three years now, after I saw one at my upline's house (Karen), when I was first introduced by her to cardmaking. They have always looked very scary though so I have put it off. But they are not scary at all, only very, very time consuming!!! And....... Half way through making it I also realised that my memory was playing tricks on me as I remembered it being larger??????????? LOL.

I made it to fill with chocolates to give to a dear friend for Christmas but realised half way through that there was NO WAY I was going to fit the chocolates I had in mind in to it LOL. So it sat there for about a week while I decided what to do. It turns out that each tray will fit about 5 mini Tolborone chocs in it so I did that and then just gift wrapped the rest of the chocs and gave both to her.

It really is gorgeous... and so cute! It would make a great gift to a scrapper or card maker filled with little hardware etc. bits and pieces.

Anyway if you want to give one a go then the instructions can be found here. Terri has very kindly done up fantastic, very clear, easy to follow instructions. Thank you Terri. Ps: Mine is almost a complete case from the one pictured on the printable instructions :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Sweets...

Hi all - I made this card in the week leading up to Christmas for a 10 year old boy. It was my first attempt at a 'Treat Cup' card and....... it wasn't until I finished that I thought about how they were going to get the sweets out without wrecking the card???????? Oops!

Have since thought about it as well as look at some different ideas on the net to know what to do next time. Seems to be quite a few others had the same thoughts LOL

Ps: I have cased this from the mini catalogue.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unusual Thank You Card....

Hi all - this is the card I made for my youngest DS, for his guitar teacher, to say thank you for a wonderful year.

DS asked me if I could make said teacher a 'guitar' card (doesn't want much does he? LOL) So the two of us surfed the internet looking at ideas. We came across a shaped card but it was an electric guitar so we have used the idea of shaping the card but..... (with him there is always a 'but' LOL) he wanted it in the style of his and the same colours. You guessed it {grin} he has a black and red guitar!

He loved the finished product so what more can a mother ask for {beaming}

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And onwards into another year...

Hi all - And my New Year's resolution is..... to be a better blogger!!! LOL One can only hope 'eh.

So to start with here is the very last Chrissy card I made. It was for a friend who likes frangapanis..... But sadly I failed miserably and they don't look anything like them LOL.

I did like the card in the end though. My train of thought was a 'frangapani wreath' but I missed with both..... but as I mentioned, I did actually like the final card even if I didn't get the intended look :)

Ps: I have used Crystal Effects on the flowers and also to make 'brads' on the bottom. I have done the CE brads before but this time they didn't dry clear. Can someone tell me what I did that they didn't dry clear this time as I am stumped......


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