Saturday, February 14, 2009

KWerner Challenge #41

Here is my entry for Kristina's colour challenge. Last year I tried to make my DH a Valentine's card and I tried to go very extravagant... and it didn't work :-(( I was so disappointed in it, so this year I thought I would do the complete opposite and go for simplicity... And I love it! - So I hope you all do too. :-))

I also made him this little box of chocolates ('cause they're my favourite - oops, I mean HIS favourite LOL) - This was also for another challenge through our team - to come up with something using acetate (I think I have cheated here and taken the easy option LOL - others made beautiful cards out of the acetate

Forgot to add: Idea for acetate box came from SCS. (Haven't used their instructions though - have made mine differently - also I have made a cardstock back which is all in one with the lid so it folds open)


Kylie said...

Hi Deb,
You rocked Kristina's colour challenge!
Love your chocolate box and the chocolates in it roflol!

Take Care

Karen said...

Lovely job Deb!


Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Deb - Fanatastic job with the challenge! And love the box of chockies - hope you (and hubby) enjoy them!!!

Leah said...

I love it too, very sweet.

Robyn said...

Hi Deb-Good to see you posting again! Love your card and choccie box. What a lucky man your hubby is!

Anonymous said...

hello deb, good to see you are doing so well, no wonder it keeps you so busy, keep up the good work, lol carole

Anonymous said...

Wow these are soo cute! How did you make the acetate box? These would be a fabulous Hostess gift with stamps in it or something.
Lovin' your work Debbie!

Sue Madex said...

Love your creations! And yummy present too! Cheers, Sue

Natasha said...

Wow! I'd love instructions on how you made the chocolate box! Looks awesome and I love the idea of the fold back lid!


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