Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Judy's Birthday...

Hi all - these beautiful cards were sent to my Sister-In-Law, Judy, (SU Demo also) for her birthday recently from the girls in our team plus one other cardmaker (who we haven't yet convinced to join - only kidding! LOL).
Wasn't she a very lucky girl indeed to receive all these beautiful creations (especially the two that were from me LOL).
In order, back left to right: Jean, Leigh, Me, Kylie.

Front left to right: Me, Melissa, Karen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Workshop

Yes it was that time again - a week and a half ago!!!! - My golly gosh, how time flies! As you can see from our first card, I have used the same idea from the previous post to make this card. As I had said, I just loved the flowers sooo much that I had to keep going with them, so I did up this card so the girls could all make these pretty flowers also...

Then we made this one - a spinner/slider card (again, tutorial on SCS) - I had made one of these last year at one of Karen's workshops and have had it on display. The girls all love it and have been wanting to make one, so I have cased it almost exact to hers. Had to change the stamp sets though as the one I had done through Karen's, had been done with a now, unavailable stamp set. I have used the "Bud Basics" and "Scribble This" sets, plus the "It's Your Birthday" set for the sentiment. It worked out great to be able to show how one can use a different set to make the same card.

The we finished off by making this cute "Kit Kat Machine" - sorry, I don't know where I have gotten the instructions for this as they were given to me quite some time ago.

Don't forget that the pre-cut kits for the above cards are available for sale until the next workshop. You get all that is seen in this photo. All pre-cut and ready to be stamped and put together. How easy is that! Or I can stamp them for you and you just have to put them together.
Email me for details.

All That Glitters...

Hi all - isn't this a pretty card!!! While blog surfing about a week or so ago, I came across a BEAUTIFUL card by Tegan, which I just had to have a go at. When I started it was going to be exactly the same as her because I thought her card was soooo beautiful I just wanted to case it. So I started and after many boo boos along the way (if something could go wrong while making this card, it did! LOL) and I ended up with this card. And I love it!!!! Yes I know, it is still very very similar to Teagn's.
What I have tried to do with it, is make my flowers look like frangapanis. Have I succeeded?? I think so.
I think it is such a beautiful card that I am now struggling with giving it away LOL and I have made it for someone. But I am already late (note the greeting) so I can admire it a bit longer LOL. I was sooo happy with the end result that I had to give the whole idea another go, so I made this gorgeous card for a little girl turning one (bet ya wouldn't have guessed LOL)

In real life these cards are very glittery and sparkly 'cause after watercolouring the flowers, I then "painted" them with a coat of clear drying hobby glue and covered them with Diamond Dust (oooh how I loooove Diamond Dust at the moment!) It has made the cards so very very pretty (if I do say so myself LOL).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kwernerdesign Colour Challenge #17

Yes! I did another one! I'm so proud of ME!!! :-))) LOL
Here is my attempt at the Kwernerdesign colour challenge.

Sweet and simple - I like it!

Colours used: Regal Rose, Rose Red, Sage Shadow and Whisper White.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to you....

Hi all - here's a card I made for my sister-in-law's birthday - this is my "from one demo to another" card - I still have to make the other for her yet - the "from us as a family" card! LOL

Hopefully she receives this in the mail before she sees it here. LOL.


This was made using all SU products and using a sketch challenge from SCS (SC184) and also using a colour challenge set by

I am quite pleased how this turned out, so I will give myself a little pat on the back. LOL

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The BEST Day!!!

Hi again - we had the BEST day yesterday!!! It was great! My sister and I decided to have another of our card making sessions and this time, invited my two sister-in-laws along for the fun. We started at 10am approx. and Judy stopped at 6pm, Pam left us at 9pm and Mel and I finished at 10pm - 12 HOURS!!! Can you believe it!! (I made a joke mid-arvo about doing a 12 hour session like scrapbookers do - didn't believe we would do it - but NOT complaining) What fun we had!!! We all had a ball! (Well I did anyway, so I hope they did too LOL) (Should add that we wouldn't or couldn't have done it without my wonderful hubby)
We started off by making a double slider card (have made this actual card before and some of us wanted one for a sample) so we all roughly made the same thing to start us off - Judy making hers slightly different and making it into a father's day card - aren't they all lovely! It was so much fun - all yelling at each other, drinking coffee etc, etc. LOL - had to be there!

Then Judy had some things she wanted to finish off, so she started doing her own things, finishing off a couple of things and making a couple more. There is a great tutorial on SCS for the Tag Punch Star card and after seeing Kylie's on her blog, started us wanting to make one again. (I still haven't though) The other two cards are cased from out of the SU IB&C and the box is from the class planner by Andrea Walford, plus she worked on some bookmarks - Didn't she do well!

And while she was busy doing that, we the other three made a Glitter Window card each, cased from myself LOL (see earlier blogs LOL). We did the same card but did different colours this time. Cards left to right: Mine, Mel's and Pam's. Aren't we clever little cookies! :-)) (Photos are much chop - sorry)

And then we three made a suspension card, again SCS tutorial, again cased from ME! (See earlier posts LOL). And again using different colours. Pam wanted to use two different set, so made two cards at the same time, using the same colours. Cards from left to right: Mine, Pam's two, then Mel's. Again, clever cookies! LOL YILM LOL (Again - so sorry about the photos)

That all took us to tea time - yeah slow aren't we! So after tea we three played with the All Mixed Up set (discontinued) and each made a card. We have all used all four sets to make the fun little flip booklet on the front, but as you can see we each chose a different one for the front one, and aren't they all soooo cute!!!!

Then..... after that, Mel and I made up a heap of joined-together pictures of the "mixed up" people ready to colour for future cards while Pam made this super cute spinner/slider card from a card cased off bobkitten on SCS.

And then.... Mel made this pretty birthday card

and I had another play with the Mixed Up set and made this cute card! I wanted to write something like, Feeling out of sorts... or something like that but it didn't look right - oh well don't know what I'll use it for, but it is cute don't ya think :-))

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another First...

I was on FIRE the other day!!! Popping cards out left, right and centre LOL... Ok, ok, it was only three, but it felt like I was flying!
This card came about 'cause the navy piece is the first reject from the card in the previous post. I picked it up later that day and started playing with scraps lying around it and then about half way through I realised that it was perfect for one of those suspension cards and, what do ya know! SCS's Technique Challenge for this week was... you guessed it! A SUSPENSION CARD!
So another first for me - not only did I take part in another challenge (what did I say... on FIRE!!) but for the first time, I uploaded a card to SCS! OMG OMG OMG (Can one seriously get soooo excited about something like this!!! ) But I can't find it!... so I have either uploaded it wrong (NOOO! that can't be it) or it takes a day or two to show. We shall soon see.... Cheers :-))

Ps: All Stampin' Up supplies (not all current - sorry)

Stamps: Spring Solitude, Circle of Friendship, Friendship Blooms
Card Stock: Very Vanilla, Night of Navy, Old Olive

Inks: Night of Navy, Basic Black, Bravo Burgundy

Pss: The embossing on this card and the previous post are using my new (shouted to myself) Friskars embossing template. Love the look but not as easy as I thought it would be, but still loving it!

Love It!!!

Hi all - I am soooo proud of myself!!! :-))) YILM LOL - This card started out not even intending to become a card! Makes sense??????

But I was walking past the mess (sorry - I meant, dining table with remants of previous card making attempts) when I thought, "I wonder what that Glitter Window (SCS) looks like in real life" so I picked up a piece of card stock and punched a hole in it, stuck a piece of clear packing tape on the back and sprinkled it with Diamond Dust. Then found another scrap and thought "These two colours don't look bad together", cut that one wrong, picked up another piece sitting there, thinking "This looks good too" and tried again. And it just went from there... One mistake after another ('cause I was making it the wrong way round, as I had already made my "window") and this is the end result!

And I love it!!!! I feel like a real card maker!!!! LOL

The second photo is on the inside of the card behind the window - another mistake which I had to fix up LOL but like it so much better than the original idea.

All Stampin' Up products used :-))
(Except for the embossed background - thats a Friskars template)

Friday, July 11, 2008

My First Challenge!

I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it!
I did the
kwernerdesign colour challenge! Yah!!!! I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it!
But I'm not that happy with it... But I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it! LOL

Colours were Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Really Rust, Certainly Celery and Whisper White.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yet another swap....

These cards were from another swap I joined in with.... (Thank the Lord for swaps I say, LOL, or I would never get to post any cards!!! LOL

Anyway, I don't remember any stipulations with this one except that all supplies used must be available in the current SU catalogue.

I really love swaps, 'cause for one, it is wonderful receiving all these beautiful cards in the mail (just like Christmas! LOL) but also to see everyone's different ideas and how each person uses the stamp sets - the ideas are endless!!!!.................

Cards in order from top left, Judy's with "Fun & Fast Notes", Kim (Swap Leader) "Pick a Petal", Mandy with "For a Friend" and "Infinite Goodness", (Unnamed) with "Crab & Co" and "Sandy Shells Wheel", Alison with "Fun & Fast Notes" and Lisa with "Baroque Motifs" and "Cheer & Wishes"

Aren't they all fantastic!!! Well done to all!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Team Swaps:

Hi again - here are the swaps from our latest team swap. Aren't we just a clever bunch of cookies...

First up is Jean's - Swap "Leader" - Her challenge to us was Diamond Dust and Piercing

This one is from Karen, our upline

This one is by "Yours Truely" ME!!

This one is by Leigh

This one by Jane

This one by Judy

And lucky last, Kylie's card.

They are all absolutly beautiful and as usual the photos do not do them justice, especially since they all have Diamond Dust on them, which doesn't photograph that well.

The last time I put swaps on, I took photos of groups, but decided that it didn't do the cards justice. but after spending hours stuggling to get this post to work (kept changing alignment!!! SOOOO frustrating!!!) I don't think I"ll do it this way again!! LOL

Ps: This is the lovely "Thank you" card from Jean, that was in with the swaps when they arrived. Isn't it sooo cute. Thanks Jean.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A quick post.....

Hi all - just a quick post to let you all know that I'm still around LOL.... I was feeling very proud of myself with my postings but now I've run out of cards to post.. Can you believe it!!! What is the world coming to? Have I not got my priorities straight?
Anyway this is a card that I started a while ago, just to try out the "stitching idea" (don't think that's what it is called but can't remember - you get the idea though.. don't you?)
I think these types of cards are beautiful. And some people go to a lot of work and detail with them. You can't see in this photo, but I have used glitter thread, so it is much prettier in real life. (Actually it looks very plain in this photo!! LOL)
And the wording was embossed in gold, but it doesn't look very "embossed" does it???
Sorry - nothing I used is SU - please forgive me! I don't know about anyone else, but I am finding that now I use SU cardstock most of the time, when I use other cardstock for something I am very disappointed with the quality of the other cardstock.
Also I promised some swaps - will have to get the camera out - I think it is safe now to post them LOL. Have joined in with two more swaps due middle and end of July. So stay tuned!!! LOL
Will have to get card making ASAP!!! See ya-all...


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