Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All That Glitters...

Hi all - isn't this a pretty card!!! While blog surfing about a week or so ago, I came across a BEAUTIFUL card by Tegan, which I just had to have a go at. When I started it was going to be exactly the same as her because I thought her card was soooo beautiful I just wanted to case it. So I started and after many boo boos along the way (if something could go wrong while making this card, it did! LOL) and I ended up with this card. And I love it!!!! Yes I know, it is still very very similar to Teagn's.
What I have tried to do with it, is make my flowers look like frangapanis. Have I succeeded?? I think so.
I think it is such a beautiful card that I am now struggling with giving it away LOL and I have made it for someone. But I am already late (note the greeting) so I can admire it a bit longer LOL. I was sooo happy with the end result that I had to give the whole idea another go, so I made this gorgeous card for a little girl turning one (bet ya wouldn't have guessed LOL)

In real life these cards are very glittery and sparkly 'cause after watercolouring the flowers, I then "painted" them with a coat of clear drying hobby glue and covered them with Diamond Dust (oooh how I loooove Diamond Dust at the moment!) It has made the cards so very very pretty (if I do say so myself LOL).


Karen said...

Deb - both are just beautiful cards! Can imagine how sparkly they are IRL!


Leah said...

They are just beautiful. I Love them.

Kylie said...

Hi Deb,
Your cards are stunning and your water colouring is amazing!
Love the sparkle!!!
Take Care



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