Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sam's Challenge...

Hi - Here is my card for Sam's Challenge. Not sure what I think of it yet..... I have tried to do a Crazy Patchwork idea. I have used Rose Red DS paper (from the small sampler) and printed the other two colours with VersaMark to make up the background. I have used a full piece in the Soft Sky and attached the other two colours to it. Then mounted it first onto Rose Red and then onto a base card of Pretty in Pink.
Anyway - please let me know what you think. Good thoughts hopefully LOL.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Engagement Card

Hi all - here is a card that I just 'whipped up' yesterday (LOL) for an engagement party we went to last night. I was looking for simple elegance. And I want to know why 'simple elegance' takes soo long to do!!! LOL

I was pleasantly pleased with it (I think). The invites were black and white, so I have used that as my inspiration.

I have embossed both the floral emblem and the wording with silver.

I feel VERY guilty 'cause there is not much Stampin' Up used on it. The floral stamp, black card stock, brads and ribbon are SU but the rest is unmentionables!

Ps: I have been playing lately, but mainly with ideas for my next workshop so I can't show them yet.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Sister's Creations....

Hi all - just a very quick post to show off my sister's creations: she thinks she can't make cards HA! Look at these - I think she should be very proud of herself. These first two were made using some old pre-cut kits, but she had to change from the original cards as she didn't have all the punches etc (more sales for me ha ha) - but hasn't she done a great job modifying them??? I think so!

And these three.... Well these are the ones she made all by herself!!! Aren't they great! I especially love the one in the middle (tut tut - not SU punches LOL)

I would love to hear from you all and see what you all think. I love when 'my' girls go home and have a go themselves. Makes me sooo proud!!! :-)))))

And I especially love when they all show me what they have been making.!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Travellers Return....

Hi Everyone...

I know at times I can be quite slack with posting and my only excuse is that life gets way to busy for me.... But this time I have a GREAT excuse for not posting.... We have just return from a wonderful week in Carins, North Queensland. And it was the best!!!!!! Even though I live in Queensland, I have never visited Cairns before (even though my hubby has wanted to go on numerous occasions) I don't like going north as there are WAY, WAY, too many Crocs for my liking! LOL.

We stayed at a FANTASTIC Big4 Caravan Resort park called Cairns Coconut Resort.

We have a small Jayco Campervan/Camper trailer and we love staying at Big4 parks 'cause MOST of them really cater for children. And this one certainly did! One of the receptionists made a joke with me on the first day saying that Parents don't really get a break at their park as there is so much to do with the children - and she wasn't far wrong! LOL.
Our kids had an absolute ball! My oldest is at an age where he wants to go off and do things himself, but I not quite ready for that, so I would walk down to the the playground area with them and sit under a tree and read my book while they played - it was HEAVEN!!!!

I'm starting to sound like an advertisement for them, and here I go again. My youngest fellow couldn't wait to try out the giant chess set - so that one of the very first things we had to try. Here we are playing - notice all the white standing compared to the black, youngest son and myself were against oldest son and Hubby and you guessed it - we wiped the board with them!!!LOL You can't see it in this photo, but darling hubby is in the process of kicking our king over while I'm distracted taking the photo LOL

We also had a game of Pool together - same team players and guess who won that also LOL.

While there we did some traditional Cairns sight seeing things - we went up to Kuranda on the train and back down on the Skyrail. This photo is of the train, taken from the Skyrail. The idea of that totally freaked me somewhat!! But it really wasn't that bad if one didn't think about the fact that one was hanging a LONG way from the ground, held up by a VERY small part attached to a cable. LOL - But the views were to die for! (not literally LOL)

We also took a drive up to the Daintree, 'cause hubby said we couldn't come this far and not go - I could! that was a day missed not sitting under my tree reading my book LOL.
But it was beautiful - we had lunch at the Daintree village where the lady tried to talk us into going on a river cruise HA! I said to her does she know that she has crocs in that river (LOL) and she said yes and with any luck you will see them - again HA! - that does seem to be the big attraction up there - every turn in the road sprouts a sign for a croc viewing river cruise. And in these tiny little open boats - not me I'm afraid! (yes I am afraid LOL) But we did go over the river on the barge and no we didn't see any crocs - the only time I want to see them is if there is a great dirty wall between us. LOL
We didn't do the Daintree tower walk - too expensive for the time we had - have to save something for the next time - right?

Anyway, we are back now - at home with all the general day-to-day jobs to do PLUS all the washing and unpacking and......

Oh well had to come back eventually LOL.

Ps: Have two groups of friends who have gone to New Zealand and three groups of friends who have gone on a cruise! Ours wasn't as exciting as that but I loved it!! It was what we needed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September Workshop

For this workshop I really wanted to make a Scratch-n-Sniff card and also a Popsicle card. I bought my Tart & Tangy set ready (as I could use it with both), then went looking on the net for Popsicle instructions.

While searching for the Popsicle card I came across
this fantastic card on SCS by GWTW Junkie, with an adorable ice-cream cone on it and thought it would be great for a Scratch-n-Sniff. So I have used the ice-cream cone idea and made it into my Scratch-n-Sniff card. I'm VERY pleased with how it turned out!!!

I have made my Popsicle card very much like just about everyone else's LOL - The first couple I found were done with just a little piece of white stuck to the inside front, so I thought I would be clever and make the whole inside white (for writing on.) But surfing again I came across some that had been done that way also, so I'm not so original after all!!!! LOL. There is a u-beaut video tutorial on one here.

The little bookmark was our novelty item and I found the idea here. I have made my back piece slightly larger and added another layer, but other than that it is just about identical. Super cute, super fast and super easy! What more could one want! LOL

Ok so if you would like a pre-cut kit to make the above items then just drop me an email. In a kit, you get everything you need to make all three items (excluding adhesives)- how's that for value! Plus the instructions. Soooo what are ya waiting for......

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Card Swaps

These are the cards I recieved from the latest swap I joined in. The first photo is mine for the swap. We had to use a stamp set from the Spring mini catalogue as well as at least one brad or eyelet and at least one punched item. I really, really struggled with this one - I started on my initial one about 1pm and was finally reasonably happy with it at 10.30pm!!!!
Ps: The paperclip was our thank you from Jane (swap host) - Thank you Jane for making us REALLY think LOL.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi all - I got on this morning to put some cards on my blog and found I didn't really have any photos to put on!!! I have been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to make any - I thought I had some photos of previous cards but this was all I had!
So I guess I will have to start making some cards won't I LOL
This card (try not to cringe too much at the colour scheme LOL - there was a method in our madness! I had seen this idea on Extreme Cards and Papercraft (see earlier pop-up for link) and really wanted to try it, so my sister came over and we made one each. We decided to make bright coloured flowers for inside to really grab the reciever then tried to match the colours on the outside. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Mind you, part of me likes it, if one likes the "bright" colours. My sister gave hers to our mum and mum loved it. But me, I'm more of a "pretty colours" girl.


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