Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Sister's Creations....

Hi all - just a very quick post to show off my sister's creations: she thinks she can't make cards HA! Look at these - I think she should be very proud of herself. These first two were made using some old pre-cut kits, but she had to change from the original cards as she didn't have all the punches etc (more sales for me ha ha) - but hasn't she done a great job modifying them??? I think so!

And these three.... Well these are the ones she made all by herself!!! Aren't they great! I especially love the one in the middle (tut tut - not SU punches LOL)

I would love to hear from you all and see what you all think. I love when 'my' girls go home and have a go themselves. Makes me sooo proud!!! :-)))))

And I especially love when they all show me what they have been making.!


Judy said...

Yes, Debbie her cards are lovely and I agree with you that she should be very proud of herself.

Karen said...

Hi Deb,

She certainly did do a great job! What a great diverse lot of cards she's done! Top stuff!!


Leigh said...

Excellent cards Deb. She's done a fabulous job.


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