Monday, June 30, 2008

Belated Birthday Post...

I'm such a dill sometimes.... Luckily I have someone to remind me constantly of the things I have forgotten LOL.... Like forgetting to show you all the two lovely cards that my oldest son got for his birthday recently from his two very talented aunties.

I put the cards on an earlier post that my younger son and I had made for him but then forgot to show off these other two... oh well, better late than never, right???

And aren't they gorgeous!!! Well suited don't you think. The first one is from his Aunty Melissa (who can't make cards???? - her words - crazy isn't she!!) (Luv ya Mel LOL) and the second is from his Aunty Judy (SU demo also) I think they have both done a wonderful job. I think I am finding this the most wonderful thing about getting into card making, that we all receive these beautiful hand made cards all the time.

We are all so lucky...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

30th Anniversary

Hi again - doing well aren't I??? Oh the joy of "feeling" organised - not often that I get that feeling!!! LOL

This is a card I made last weekend for a surprise 30th wedding anniversary we went to. The look on their faces was well worth it!!! And their family certainly deserves a lot of credit for all the organising and the secrets they went through to pull it off so well. Congrats to them all.

30 years traditionally is Pearl, so I started with an off-white pearlised card (which you can't see) - then I wanted to keep it pretty and soft (thinking creamy, pearlly). I have chosen Pretty in Pink and then stamped all over it with a "Scribble This" swirly stamp and Whisper White Classic ink. Using the Double Rectangle punch, I have gone along the bottom edge and threaded "Prety in Pink" taffeta ribbon through it. My flowers (also from "Scribble This") have been stamped using Stazon ink and then watercoloured using ink and a blender pen. They have been double mounted using some pearlised card and some pink card (stamped also). My "30" and "Love of a Lifetime" have been embossed with silver.

I really love this card - I think it is really pretty, but I think it was probably more suited to a 30th birthday then an anniversary. Oh well.....

Ps: Stay tuned - latest swaps should be arriving in the mail soon. Can't wait!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Playing Around...

This is a card I made a couple of weeks ago, when I was playing with ideas for my last workshop. I had thrown it aside as I didn't think much of it, but anyone who comes to visit and sees it, comments on it (in a nice way). So.... I thought I'd put it out there and see what ya-all think. All you crafty creative people out there in blog land... Helloooooo.... (must be getting delirious LOL)

Next time I try a Gate Card fold, I think I will have the orientation the other way, so that the "gates" are wider. I think that is one of the things that is bothering me, that they are so tall and thin looking... also the colours.... and the card in general... LOL.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday Boy

Hi again - here is a cute card that I made for a friend's little man, turning 5 (I think, I hope) - Had to make a "name" card as I had made one for his brother and their mum told me that it took pride of place in his bedroom. I am very pleased with this card as I think it is cute and fun.
The colours were picked using that you-beaut SU colour wheel to start with but then I decided it needed some red to lift it. What do you think??
Sort and sweet... till next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Workshop

Wellllllllll helloooooooooooo there!! Yes it's me!!! Only a week and a half late from my workshop - not bad really I don't think LOL - I don't know how other people who work do everything, and on time too!!! I just always seem to be a week behind! Oh well, school holidays just around the corner - maybe I get caught up then... HA! Maybe not.... LOL

Anyway... These are the creations that we made at the workshop - I received a request from a workshop attendee asking could we do a Pop-up card and also could we use some of the SU Earth Elements colours. So I combined them to make the Surprise Pop-Up (Great tutorial on SCS - looooove that site!) and it went down a treat!!! I am also very proud of myself with how the layout turned out (second attempt LOL - didn't like the first one at all but was really happy with colours and design of this one).
I continued the colour scheme for the second card and this card is very similar to one in the old 2007-2008 SU Ideas Book and Catalogue. I really like the simplicity of it and it was sooo quick and easy!! Great layout if one needed a card in a hurry ( Note to self: better keep this idea close by LOL) and one could use any colour combination to suit receiver.
Our fun project was cased almost identically from something I made at one of Karen's (my upline) workshops - Thanks again Karen ( Think I should put a permanent Thank you in my side bar to Karen. LOL)

Anyway... So easily sidetracked.... The offer is up again for anyone who would like a pre-cut kit of the above cards delivered to your door. If you are interested, then don't hesitate, send me an email and I can pop one in the mail.

Unstamped: $12.00 (including postage)

Stamped: $15.00 (including postage)

I can also help you with anything else needed, stamps, inks, adhesives etc....
Email me for details.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Blues....

Hi all - just thought I would do a quick blog posting before heading off to finish getting things ready for my workshops tomorrow.
I made this card last weekend for a good friend's birthday (got the day completely wrong - her birthday was this weekend, not last!!! Great friend aren't I!! Least I was on time for this one LOL) So this picture has been sitting here all week waiting, waiting....
And now here it is - Ta-da!!!!
Must say, I am very proud of myself with this one - I am very pleased with it. I have gone with blue 'cause she's a real "blue" girl (in favourite colour, that is) Loves blue!! I've also used a couple of different techniques - Faux Border tag, Piercing, Shadowing on background stamp (no it wasn't a mistake LOL) and Dazzling Diamonds all over feature flower. (Does anyone else out there have glitter dust on everything for weeks after, after using Dazzling Diamonds????)
I felt like I had really achieved something with this card when I finished it - that I could really do it!!! :-))) (I did say I was proud of myself didn't I LOL - What's the one I need... YILM - that's it! LOL.
Anyway will be back here soon with a workshop post - see ya then!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi again.... yes it's me again!!!! LOL and only a day later OMG what is happening to the world!!! Ok enough with that... yes I have been crafting. I was literally pushed into it by my 8 year old son!! can you believe that! My older boy turns 11 this week and yesterday, my 8 year old wanted to make his big brother a card. (The bottom one is his if you haven't guess LOL) I am very proud of him - he came up with the ideas and colours all himself. He wanted his card to match the pressy he is giving him (a DS game - you guessed it... Worms) So he got me to draw the pictures (he picked which ones) and boy he is a particular little man!! LOL - he sat watching over my shoulder, checking constantly that I was drawing it right and making sure I included relevant data LOL - He is soooo adorable!!!!! Then he coloured it. I'm sooo proud (sob, wiping tear from my eye)

Anyway back to the pushy bit - then he decided that since I helped him with his, that it is only fair that he help me make one for his brother. He kept coming up with ideas for me (little darling) - I kept telling him that I have to think about it for a while. This went on all arvo and into the night, even at bedtime, as he was unable to sleep, wanting me to promise that we would do it in the morning!!!! (wish he was so pedantic about getting other things done!LOL) So we started this morning!!!!

And the above card is what we came up with. My older boy has started Scouts this year and loving every minute of it, so I thought I would do a Scout themed card. I also wanted to try a new technique, so I choose the Diagonal Double pocket card. (Great tutorial on SCS) I have made mine that it opens up as a normal card (variation in tutorial) and have made the pull out pieces with "Scout jokes/riddles" on them as he is a bit of a jokster.
I'm sort of pleased with the end result.

Everything but the stamps are Stamp' Up (sorry)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Playin' Around...

Hi ya all!!! Yes it's me again LOL - I am soooo sorry! I just am having sooo much trouble lately, not only finding time to actually make cards but also to get around to putting them on here! That's what working does for you LOL - Also doesn't help that I never seem to be organised - other people seem to be able to juggle work with everything else. But lately when I have some spare time (or a day) I just want to veg out and do NOTHING! LOL

Anyway earlier this week, my sister and I had a little play What we have been doing, is we each take turns picking a card design, picture, technique etc that we would like to try and we both make the same card together. Then the other one decides on the next. Works for us! Lol I also like how the cards always turn out slightly different, an ever-so-slight personal touch to each one.
(sorry about the photo quality - taken in a hurry, late at night - not a good combination - but I really wanted to include her pictures also) (photos on left - mine, photos on right - hers)
The first ones where cased from an idea by Karen Thomas (the yellow is very similar) My sis did the yellow and I did one in a different colour scheme. Then we played a bit more with the new colour scheme but changed the layout slightly.
The next ones were roughly our own doing - we just played around with until we got something we liked (mine was for my brother-in-law's birthday)

All Stampin' Up products used.


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