Monday, June 30, 2008

Belated Birthday Post...

I'm such a dill sometimes.... Luckily I have someone to remind me constantly of the things I have forgotten LOL.... Like forgetting to show you all the two lovely cards that my oldest son got for his birthday recently from his two very talented aunties.

I put the cards on an earlier post that my younger son and I had made for him but then forgot to show off these other two... oh well, better late than never, right???

And aren't they gorgeous!!! Well suited don't you think. The first one is from his Aunty Melissa (who can't make cards???? - her words - crazy isn't she!!) (Luv ya Mel LOL) and the second is from his Aunty Judy (SU demo also) I think they have both done a wonderful job. I think I am finding this the most wonderful thing about getting into card making, that we all receive these beautiful hand made cards all the time.

We are all so lucky...


Leigh said...

I bet your son loved his cards. Happy birthday to him.

Lisa said...

All your cards are awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kylie said...

Beaut Cards, Talented family lol!
Take Care


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