Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi again.... yes it's me again!!!! LOL and only a day later OMG what is happening to the world!!! Ok enough with that... yes I have been crafting. I was literally pushed into it by my 8 year old son!! can you believe that! My older boy turns 11 this week and yesterday, my 8 year old wanted to make his big brother a card. (The bottom one is his if you haven't guess LOL) I am very proud of him - he came up with the ideas and colours all himself. He wanted his card to match the pressy he is giving him (a DS game - you guessed it... Worms) So he got me to draw the pictures (he picked which ones) and boy he is a particular little man!! LOL - he sat watching over my shoulder, checking constantly that I was drawing it right and making sure I included relevant data LOL - He is soooo adorable!!!!! Then he coloured it. I'm sooo proud (sob, wiping tear from my eye)

Anyway back to the pushy bit - then he decided that since I helped him with his, that it is only fair that he help me make one for his brother. He kept coming up with ideas for me (little darling) - I kept telling him that I have to think about it for a while. This went on all arvo and into the night, even at bedtime, as he was unable to sleep, wanting me to promise that we would do it in the morning!!!! (wish he was so pedantic about getting other things done!LOL) So we started this morning!!!!

And the above card is what we came up with. My older boy has started Scouts this year and loving every minute of it, so I thought I would do a Scout themed card. I also wanted to try a new technique, so I choose the Diagonal Double pocket card. (Great tutorial on SCS) I have made mine that it opens up as a normal card (variation in tutorial) and have made the pull out pieces with "Scout jokes/riddles" on them as he is a bit of a jokster.
I'm sort of pleased with the end result.

Everything but the stamps are Stamp' Up (sorry)


Kylie said...

Hi Deb, love your card and your son's card is great!
Sounds like you had a fab day with your son, I wish my 12 year old will do things like that with me lol!
Have a wonderful week!
Take Care

Kim said...

Gorgeous Debbie! You and your son have done a great job! He's very talented....he takes after you!!!


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