Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Blues....

Hi all - just thought I would do a quick blog posting before heading off to finish getting things ready for my workshops tomorrow.
I made this card last weekend for a good friend's birthday (got the day completely wrong - her birthday was this weekend, not last!!! Great friend aren't I!! Least I was on time for this one LOL) So this picture has been sitting here all week waiting, waiting....
And now here it is - Ta-da!!!!
Must say, I am very proud of myself with this one - I am very pleased with it. I have gone with blue 'cause she's a real "blue" girl (in favourite colour, that is) Loves blue!! I've also used a couple of different techniques - Faux Border tag, Piercing, Shadowing on background stamp (no it wasn't a mistake LOL) and Dazzling Diamonds all over feature flower. (Does anyone else out there have glitter dust on everything for weeks after, after using Dazzling Diamonds????)
I felt like I had really achieved something with this card when I finished it - that I could really do it!!! :-))) (I did say I was proud of myself didn't I LOL - What's the one I need... YILM - that's it! LOL.
Anyway will be back here soon with a workshop post - see ya then!


Kylie said...

Hi Deb,
Stunning Card, just beautiful! and
YES I find Dazzling Diamonds weeks later all over my desk lol!
Have a great week!


Sharon said...

Beautiful Deb. Those Dazzling Diamonds can get all over the place, can't they?

Leah said...

just beautiful

Leigh said...

Fabulous card Deb. Love the different techniques you've used.


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