Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all,
my very valued cyber friends,
a wonderful and joyous Christmas!!!

I hope that you and your family get all that you wish for and don't forget about the true meaning of Christmas and the reasons we celebrate it!!!

A wish for us: Love, Hope, Peace and Joy to all

and for the kids: Everything that they asked Santa for! LOL

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Whoo!

Hi all - I am so proud of this card! I just love it! I made it about a week ago for a friend who really LOVES owls and have planned to make her a punched owl card ever since we had that arvo playing with the punches...... But then..... I forgot her birthday!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!! I was horrified!!!!!! Her birthday was the day after my DH's in NOVEMBER!!.... So I hope she liked it and forgives me... LOL (I still haven't made my DH a card....)

I have made another one of these cards - in different colours and designs - but I don't think it would have arrived yet so will have to wait to put it on here.

I got the idea for this from a bought card that another friend received, and thought that I liked the idea so went home and had a play with sizings and folds until I was happy with the base.

And just for you Jacqui :) I remembered to write down my measurements:

Start with a sheet 10" x 6" then score and fold along the 10" side at 2", 3", 5", & 7" - almost like making a step card, only sideways.

You could make it 8" long and score at 2", 3", 5" & 6" but that leaves the last panel only 2" long instead of 3" and I preferred the wider panel for putting more on.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sympathy cards...

Hi all - these are two sympathy cards I made about a month or so ago. I wanted something subdued and pretty. This flower is just so beautiful to colour.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cards...

Hi all - These are the cards I made for my 'girls'. I made 23 in total and BOY was I SICK of tying ribbons!!! LOL - They will enjoy knowing that! As they complain every time I put ribbon on one of the workshop cards (which is often! LOL)

I got the inspiration for this wonderful idea from
here. From the lovely and talented Debbie P. Thank you Debbie, for your wonderful inspiration. Debbie made hers quite a while ago and I have had the link saved ever since knowing that that was the card I was going to make.

I've really quite surprised myself this year (and with working...) as I am more organised at this stage of Christmas than I have been for many Christmases. It is such a good feeling LOL. Hope it stays this way (for a little while at least...)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Very Belated Birthday Crad...

Hi all - this is the card that I made for my BIL - It was a very belated birthday card. We went away for a family weekend together between my DH and BIL's birthday and it was decided that we would celebrate their birthdays while there. And I don't know what I was thinking.... 'cause it didn't even cross my mind to take a card (let alone his pressy) with us!!!!! then it was another week or two before we saw them again after that to give it to him. * groan* LOL - good thing our family is so understanding with me....... :)

Not all that bad I suppose considering I haven't yet made a card for my own wonderful DH... And his birthday was first!!! .....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Very First Chrissy Card...

Hi all - here is the very first Chrissy card that I have received this year. It was made by a good friend who comes to my workshops each month. It always gives me such pride and joy when I see their creations. And I think she has done a wonderful job. (Same friend who made the super cute invites in the previous post)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Groovy Surfin' Santa Invite....

Hi all - just wanted to show you the great invite I got from a close friend. She had ordered this stamp set just to make these invites!!!

Isn't it just the greatest!!! How Australian is this!!!

And she has coloured them all in with glitter pens so they really *SPARKLE* IRL!

I personally thought it was SOOO cute!! :D

Catch ya!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Workshop Gifts...

Hi again. My last workshop is also my thank you to the people who have supported me all year so I give out little gifts to everyone.

Last year I made a '
cake' that was a HUGE hit with all, so I decided that I had enough newbies from this year to make it again. This year I have tried to make it look like a fruit cake by starting with some Chocolate Chip cardstock and stamping shapes all over it. I don't think I quite succeeded LOL.

Anyway it was a huge hit once again but I think I may have to look out for something else nest year :)

Ps: Each 'slice' had a little stamp, three lots of ribbon and a small candy cane.

And here is the cake lost amongst the gifts under the little Chrissy tree. I had enough prizes for everyone and each was numbered. Then I placed the matching numbers in a box and whatever number they drew out was their prize!
Like last year, it was a wonderful afternoon and a nice way to finish off for the year :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Workshop & Stamp-a-Stack

This weekend just past saw us doing our annual Christmas Stamp-a-Stack - Something that I find all the girls really look forward to all year. It is also my last workshop for the year and therefore I use it as my thank you to all the girls for their wonderful support, encouragement and friendship throughout the year (lets face it - most of us wouldn't be able to do it without a great group of friends/customers) And I really do have a great bunch of girls!!!!

So these are the two cards that they made (6 of each design) and the one that I thought would take the longest, was the shortest one!! The Baja Breeze one was a 'breeze' {giggle} except for all the cutting. (Had to give them something to do) Where as the other one............... does anyone else have trouble with the 'string'???? I know I did! But the girls ended up working it out.

They all did an amazing job including the two newbies - talk about being thrown in the deep end!

Anyway I had a great day! :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi all - here is a card I made, for a good friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago. It is almost entirely cased from here. I even still had some of the same papers but I have used mine in a slightly different comb though. And I put a different embellishment on the front as I have been wanting for a long time to have a go at one of those 'fan fold flowers'.

I absolutely ADORE the colours I have used here - I think they are so pretty. It was a set of DS papers that I was really sad to see go :(

And in the middle of my flower I have used one of the designer flower brads that I received in my convention pressie from my lovely sister-in-law / fellow demonstrator

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girls 'Day' In....

Hi all - two weekends ago five of us got together to make cards for 'Breast Cancer'. Instead of a 'Girl's Night In' we had a 'Girls DAY In' and made approx 150 cards.

We had a wonderful day together and as you can see from the photos, we had a very productive day also.

We are selling what we can to friends and family first then sending any left over down with the money raised.

I got to my sister's at 7am and left at 9pm. One of the girls stayed till 9pm also. And she could have still kept going! I just want to send out a very BIG thank you to the girls who helped. And to the ones who would have loved to come, but couldn't, hopefully I'll be more organised next year..... maybe.. LOL

AND A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO STAMPIN' UP, for donating supplies for it.

It was a huge under-taking but I would love to do it again next year so here's hoping....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Card...

Here is the baby card I made for the lovely, little Lucy :)

A bit late getting it on here as she is a few weeks old now LOL.

I have used a Sizzix die for the template of the pram and paper pieced it. The sentiment in the middle is printed off the computer as I had no baby messages.

Oh how I LOVE step cards!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

13th Birthday...DUH!!!

This is a birthday card I made for a friend's boy (teenager now) - Teenage boys are so hard to make cards for! So I cheated and copied the 18th card I made for my nephew's birthday earlier this year. I just changed the colour. But aren't they so effective. I have made the template myself for this one.

All products Stampin' Up

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Wedding Card...

And yes! another Tri-Shutter card!..... I really wanted to make one for the wedding we went to as I wanted something very dramatic and very stylish. Mind you when I saw this card here I nearly changed my mind and cased it, so I decided to use the ideas of that card to make this one. I was extremlly pleased with how it turned out and I have heard that the recipients were very pleased with it also. {beaming}

All Stampin Up products.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Workshop

Hi all - I am so sorry and I promised also :(

But here I am (FINALLY) with my workshop cards from the October workshop. As you can see we did fancy Christmas cards and we will finish of the year with a Christmas Stamp-a-Stack in November.

This card is taken from the SCS tutorial for a
Criss-Cross card. I have cased it from the picture there, just using different papers and stamps. I have used the Snow Swirled set and I am LOVING it!!!

Here it is with the insert out....
Then we made this reindeer.... I found this picture here months ago when a couple of us had a punch art afternoon. And BOY!... When I decided to use it for my workshop, did I have fun finding that picture again! But thankfully I did find it again. He is so cute don't you think...
Then we made this super, super easy sour cream container. Tutorial here. It is one of those things that looks so impressive and it is amazing how quick and simple they are to make.
Anyway if you are wanting to know anything about any of the above creations, please don't hesitate to email me. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi guys! - no sorry, no cards yet but try back in a day or two and I guarantee there will be some here. I promise LOL - I can't believe how time flies! I think I am doing really great... then next thing I now half a month has gone by and nothing from me.... But enough rambling...

Just hopped on to check something out and came across
Wendy's blog giveaway! No she is not giving away her blog, {LOL} but she is giving away some surprise goodies.

Check out her
blog while you are there - she is an AMAZING scrapper. I adore her work and wish I had half her talent with scrapping. Anyway check her out! And comment for a chance to win!

Friday, September 25, 2009

And Another Tri-Shutter Card....

AND yet another Tri-Shutter card LOL..... This was my prize winning one - is this where I say that there weren't that many entries LOL - But I was still very pleased to get the prize with this card. :)

I made this for a good friend's birthday. I have used Crystal Effects on this card also. :) Crystal Effects, my new 'friend' LOL

I have a wedding card to make and I can't decide whether to make one of these cards (Yes, another one!) or to case a beautiful card I spotted a couple of weeks ago.... decisions decisions, decisions.... Check back in a while and see what I decided LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boy's Birthday Tilt Card....

Hi all - here is a card that i made with one of my sons for a their friend's birthday. We have made a 'tilt' card witht he truck 'rocketing' or 'rocking' along the road. LOL

The piece of blue ribbon was just what we needed for the 'road' and it was the piece of ribbon tied around my prize from convention. Just what we needed... :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi all - I've just realised that I have done it again LOL - I forgot to post my workshop cards... *Groan* -Seriously, if my head wasn't screwed on......

Anyway our first card we made was a 'Diorama' card (tutorial
here) - I have had one on display from my son's birthday and a couple of girls have wanted me to show them how easy it is to make them.... and they are easy. I make mine slightly wider than the tutorial. so the hole is bigger and one has to come in from top, and bottom.

As you can see we have used the cute little train set and matching wheel out of the new mini catalogue. Plus the trees out of the 'ol favourite, Loads of Love. The sentiment is from the set, On your Birthday.

The next card we made is simple enough and I just wanted to use this new set as I love clocks. I am really struggling to make something with it though and really don't know when and where to use it. :{

I was pleased with this card..... The colours used are from the you-beaut SU colour wheel. That thing is just fantastic!!!
And lastly we made this cute little bag. It is off the KaiserCraft website. Template and instructions for it can be found here.
If you are wanting any details of any or all of the above then please don't hesitate to contact me :)

Simple, But Sweet.....

Hi all - this is the card that I made for my mum's birthday. I just wanted something that was very simple and sweet and I was pleased with how it turned out. :)

Ps: Can't see it very clearly, but this was my first card that I found the joys of "Crystal Effects" LOL - I have had a bottle here for months and not really sure what to do with it. I have played on scraps but they never looked any good but I have used it to make 'brads' in the corner and to 'lift' some areas. And now I LOVE it!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Tri-Shutter....

Hi all - This would have to be my 'All-time Favourite' card. (for now anyway LOL) I was sooo very, very pleased with how this card turned out. I am adoring these Tri-Shutter cards so much that I want to make them for everyone!!!! LOL. I did make this for a friend's birthday and it was one of those cards that I just struggled to give away LOL.

I have made yet another one of these style of cards and entered it into a local craft/flower show last weekend and I got first prize for it so I am very, very happy!!!!!!! :) Will show it on a later posting.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Mystery Slider Cards...........

Hi all - a friend (hi Mary) wanted to have a go at making a 'Magic Slider' card so came over one day a few weeks ago to make one. They are very time consuming to make as we found out LOL 'cause even with me having made one before and having a fair idea of what to do, it still took us from approx. 10.30am till 2pm to make the cards.

This is the card that I made - which I did make for someone, but I still haven't finished the present so it is still here LOL.....

And this is the one Mary did - It was beautiful!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wedding Cards...

Hi all - a couple of months ago (Yeah, yeah! I know...) a friend asked if I could make up some wedding cards ideas for her and these are what I came up with.... They are a combination of different ideas I have seen and wanted to try....

She liked them both so took both as she had a wedding later in the year as well. Can't get more thanks than that can one.... :)

Anyone who went to Convention this year will recognise this card LOL - cased as close as I could get it to the one made by Shannon West, which was inspired by 'Twilight'. I made this one for my niece, for her wedding, as she is a huge Twilight fan.
And this was my gift to her - black towels with 'Together' on one and 'Forever' on the other and also a matching hand towel.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lucky Me!...........

Hi all - Just wanted to show you all some beautiful cards and a gift that I was so lucky to receive. I have met this wonderful person through being a SU demonstrator and even though we have only communicated through email, I now think of her as a really close friend. My mum, in her much younger days had a very special pen-friend for many, many years, and I think of us now-a-days with emails as having Internet pen-friends. So Tanya, I consider you my very special 'pen-friend' :) and thank you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful cards and gift.

I received this one some time ago but am now only getting them on now to show everyone. Isn't it just beautiful and the candle is so divine!! How does someone light that!!!!

And not to long ago she sent me this card... Both cards are really pretty but this one in real life is sooooo pretty. It is so soft and sparkly and I get lots and lots of comments about it.
So again Tanya, Thank you so much - I loved them all! :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Convention Swap Cards....

AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes......................... My swap cards for convention YAH I DID IT!!! LOL - Ok.... enough said............... LOL

My favourite:

Mostly everyone elses favourite.... [and my favourite before I made the first card :)]

Some people out there may recognise a couple of these cards are they are remakes of swap cards I have made in the past. I have just changes the stamp sets to ones in the current catalogue :)
Made life easier for myself :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tri-Shutter Card...

Hi all - are these Tri-Shutter cards the most beautiful cards ever designed????? I think so. Mind you after making this one I swore I would never make another one again!!!! LOL

I had a card making day (all day and into the night) with some friends at the end of the school holidays and 3 of us decided to have a go at making one of these cards. On the day, I was the only one who persevered (the other two threw theirs LOL) 'cause I felt I had no choice LOL as I was making it for a friend's 40th and wanted a really special card and also it was the same papers I was using to make her a gift. (which I gave up on in the end and bought something instead LOL) One of the others did also end up finishing theirs at a later date.

These cards, I find, frustrating up until the patterned layers are on and then it is plain sailing from there. Really, they are not as hard as I am making them out to be, but we just struggled getting the shaped pieces to fit nicely. But after ones finished, one will notice that the small discrepancies are not noticeable because of the layers and folds. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.... LOL Great tutorials here and here.

I have made mine so that I have the centre panel to write on.

Ps: But they are so beautiful and so intriguing that I have just finished another one for another friend's birthday. But that's for another day. Stay tuned Melissa for more postings..... :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Workshop....

Hi all - here I am putting on my workshop cards from today's workshop!!! YES - Today!!! can you believe it!!!!

Anyway a great day was had by all (I hope) I know I certainly did!!!!

The first card we made was a Triangle Trifold Card (tutorial here) which is really super cute. I also wanted to do watercolouring as one of the ladies wanted to have a go at the blender pens. This stamp set is just perfect for it. (SU's Playful Petals) We used the Watercolour Wonder Crayons which I just love as they make it super quick and super easy to colour in. The colours here don't show as well as IRL. Very soft and very pretty is what I was going for. And the Tea Party DSP's were just the thing.

After making the first one, I didn't realise until then, how mush we needed a simple card. And this was really quick and easy. I have sort of used a layout from the new mini catalogue for my inspiration for this card.
And then we made this cute little pouch box as our 3D/novelty item. I got the template for this of the SU demo website.
I just love the new Oval All set and the Scallop punch as I LOVE sets that match punches.

Please feel free to email me if you would like more info on any of the items listed here.


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