Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Very First Chrissy Card...

Hi all - here is the very first Chrissy card that I have received this year. It was made by a good friend who comes to my workshops each month. It always gives me such pride and joy when I see their creations. And I think she has done a wonderful job. (Same friend who made the super cute invites in the previous post)


Leonie said...

It's so nice to have clever and crafty friends! She did a wonderful job!

Karen said...

Yep she definitely did a lovely job of that card! I hope you got my card Deb - I posted them all off a few weeks back! I did realise after they all went in the box that I posted 1 or 2 without stamps (have no idea who's they were) and just hoped they got to their destination ok!

Thanks for your card too



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