Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My birthday ... still.....

Hi all

Ok............. today wasn't so bad after all......... IT WAS TRULY AMAZING!!!!!

Who knew that turning 40 would be so much FUN!!! (Actually all you 'over-40ers' said that LOL - I just didn't realise that the fun started from the minute one actually turned 40!)

I have had the very BEST day ever! My day started with me being woken up by my children and hubby for gift giving time. Then it was get ready and off to work (I'm a teacher aide) and at the school where I work the staff really laid it all on today!!! It was WONDERFUL!! Each class I went to sang 'Happy Birthday' to me (one class even sang it in three different languages!) They had an afternoon tea party for me with a huge spread of yummy food AND a black forest cake complete with '40th' candle LOL. I got pressies from the staff and a card from one of the students and her sister. EVERYONE made me feel so wonderful! I can't ask for a better workplace. They are a wonderful group of people (and children) to work with.

Also... YES THERE'S MORE!!!........ My hubby's work had delivered to the school a big arrangement of flowers. And a good friend sent a bunch of balloons!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!

And then to come home and see all the wonderful wishes from you all on my blog!! Well, I'm just about ready to cry with love and happiness! So I just want to say a big BIG thank you to all of you for your wonderful birthday wishes!!! THANK YOU

Debbie M

40 years old!!! *GROAN*

Well it is now official!! I am OLD

As of today I am 40!!!!

Today is the day that I start on my downhill run to old age!!! LOL

No I'm told by many (all over 40) that it really isn't all that bad!

Oh well I am glad to still be here

and I have a lot to be grateful for: family, friends, etc.

So I suppose that I will make the most of it.....

and party HARD!!!! LOL

So.... Happy Birthday to me....

And let's get this party started!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

February 2009 Workshop

Hi all - yes it's me back again (FINALLY!!!! LOL) with the cards from my first workshop for the year. It was so good catching up with most of the girls again (and hopefully will get to catch the others at next month's workshop)

I had sent out to all my girls, a timetable card with a magnet on the back to put on their fridges so we will all know when the next workshop is due. I also had a suggestion for a type of card we may do at each workshop. This month, the first one, had a Joyfold card on it. SCS has a great tutorial on how to make one and it is one of those cards that appears tricking, but as the girls found out, surprisingly simple (helps that everything is pre-cut for them LOL).

I absolutely LOVE the Bali Breeze designer paper!! The colours are Divine!!!! So I used the papers for my inspiration for everything we made.

This is the card we all made:
This was our second card. I also wanted to use one of the SAB sets and I LOVE the Polka Dot Punches set. The stamped image on the front of this card is cased from the card on the front of the SAB catalogue as I wanted to show how the punches worked with the set.
Then the last thing we made were these adorable mini Post-it Note key rings that I came across on the net ages ago and have wanted to try ever since. I have again used the SAB set with co-ordinating punches. A great tutorial on these key rings can be found here . Aren't we lucky that there are such clever people out there in the great wide world of the web. :-))

Saturday, February 14, 2009

KWerner Challenge #41

Here is my entry for Kristina's colour challenge. Last year I tried to make my DH a Valentine's card and I tried to go very extravagant... and it didn't work :-(( I was so disappointed in it, so this year I thought I would do the complete opposite and go for simplicity... And I love it! - So I hope you all do too. :-))

I also made him this little box of chocolates ('cause they're my favourite - oops, I mean HIS favourite LOL) - This was also for another challenge through our team - to come up with something using acetate (I think I have cheated here and taken the easy option LOL - others made beautiful cards out of the acetate

Forgot to add: Idea for acetate box came from SCS. (Haven't used their instructions though - have made mine differently - also I have made a cardstock back which is all in one with the lid so it folds open)


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