Sunday, August 30, 2009

Convention Swap Cards....

AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes......................... My swap cards for convention YAH I DID IT!!! LOL - Ok.... enough said............... LOL

My favourite:

Mostly everyone elses favourite.... [and my favourite before I made the first card :)]

Some people out there may recognise a couple of these cards are they are remakes of swap cards I have made in the past. I have just changes the stamp sets to ones in the current catalogue :)
Made life easier for myself :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tri-Shutter Card...

Hi all - are these Tri-Shutter cards the most beautiful cards ever designed????? I think so. Mind you after making this one I swore I would never make another one again!!!! LOL

I had a card making day (all day and into the night) with some friends at the end of the school holidays and 3 of us decided to have a go at making one of these cards. On the day, I was the only one who persevered (the other two threw theirs LOL) 'cause I felt I had no choice LOL as I was making it for a friend's 40th and wanted a really special card and also it was the same papers I was using to make her a gift. (which I gave up on in the end and bought something instead LOL) One of the others did also end up finishing theirs at a later date.

These cards, I find, frustrating up until the patterned layers are on and then it is plain sailing from there. Really, they are not as hard as I am making them out to be, but we just struggled getting the shaped pieces to fit nicely. But after ones finished, one will notice that the small discrepancies are not noticeable because of the layers and folds. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.... LOL Great tutorials here and here.

I have made mine so that I have the centre panel to write on.

Ps: But they are so beautiful and so intriguing that I have just finished another one for another friend's birthday. But that's for another day. Stay tuned Melissa for more postings..... :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Workshop....

Hi all - here I am putting on my workshop cards from today's workshop!!! YES - Today!!! can you believe it!!!!

Anyway a great day was had by all (I hope) I know I certainly did!!!!

The first card we made was a Triangle Trifold Card (tutorial here) which is really super cute. I also wanted to do watercolouring as one of the ladies wanted to have a go at the blender pens. This stamp set is just perfect for it. (SU's Playful Petals) We used the Watercolour Wonder Crayons which I just love as they make it super quick and super easy to colour in. The colours here don't show as well as IRL. Very soft and very pretty is what I was going for. And the Tea Party DSP's were just the thing.

After making the first one, I didn't realise until then, how mush we needed a simple card. And this was really quick and easy. I have sort of used a layout from the new mini catalogue for my inspiration for this card.
And then we made this cute little pouch box as our 3D/novelty item. I got the template for this of the SU demo website.
I just love the new Oval All set and the Scallop punch as I LOVE sets that match punches.

Please feel free to email me if you would like more info on any of the items listed here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Punch Art Fun....

After, not the last workshop, but the one before (Yeah... don't say it LOL - ps: still haven't put my convention swaps on yet either LOL) we had a bit of fun with some punch art. I only ended up with a morning group that time, and a small group at that, so a couple of the girls stayed for the afternoon. I had earlier that week gotten onto that wonderful site, SCS, and printed off a heap of different ideas which we tried. I then got out my scrap pile and literally dumped it into the centre of the table.

We made cows, sheep, owls, reindeer (sorry no photo of that one) Some we turned into cards, others we just made for the fun of it. We each made an 'owl' card as shown in the picture below.

This is Jacqui's sheep card which I thought was very impressive :) We made a few others but these were the only photos I have :(
Then my sister, who couldn't make it to that workshop, wanted to have a go at the things we made so she and I made them again later that week and also made this lady bug (we added an extra scallop to ours) and the frog in the next picture.

I LOVE punch art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it wonderfully amazing the things people come up with!!!
I got the ideas from these wonderfully creative people: owl, cow, sheep, ladybug, frog

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18th Birthday....

This is the card I made for my DH's nephew. I am really pleased with how it turned out 'cause while I was making it, I kept thinking that it was something that I could easily overdo and I didn't have time to start again (was, typically me, making it before going to the party LOL). So was very glad that with each step I did, I didn't ruin it LOL. It really was a struggle... Trust me!! This would have been a great card for a challenge I saw a couple of weeks ago somewhere on the world wide web where the challenge was for no layers. I had thought at the time, no way, not possible LOL but looky here.. I have done it! I have made a card with no layers. (not counting the 'L')

I got the template from the 'Time for Crafting' website
here. They have a lot of great template ideas.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Engagement Card....

This is a card I have almost completely cased from Leah here. I could say that it is slightly different to make it my own but it's only different 'cause I didn't have the things to make it the same LOL. I wasn't looking for a card idea to make this card but was just having a look at some blogs I haven't been on for a while when I came across this most beautiful wedding card. So I changed what I was going to do to case Leah's card. I have printed out my sentiment using the computer as I didn't have a suitable stamp. I also forgot to to take a photo of the card before I wrote on it so I couldn't take a photo of the insert. But if you check out Leah's you will know what it approx what it looked like :)

Matt's Birthday...

Here is my son's card that I made him for his 12th birthday (yes obvious I know.. LOL) I have printed from the computer, the main wording onto the white cardstock. I didn't like it when I first finished it as, yet again, it didn't turn out anything like I planned. So I went to bed and when I saw it in the morning I did like it :) He was really stoked with it and one can't ask for any more than that, can one....

ETA: Sorry - this is a Diorama Card (tutorial here) I have made mine slightly higher by cutting a piece of cardstock in half (lengthwise) then using their measurement for the length and the folds. Because of that I had to come in from both the top and bottom with the punches which makes a bigger 'window'.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

July Workshop....

Hi all - Yes can you believe it!!!! I'm BACK!!! Well for one posting anyway LOL

It is nearly time for my next workshop and *HORROR* I haven't put my photos on from last workshop!!!
OMG what is the world coming to....!!!!

Any way enough of the jokes - here are the cards we made at our last workshop. We made a Step card (great tutorial here - YUP you guessed it, SCS LOL) So we made this card which I must say I was very proud of and extremely pleased with how it turned out. :)

Then we made this card which is very similar to one in the main SU catalogue.
And then we made this which is another one of those things that I have wanted to try for a long time. There are many different ones and ideas on the net so I have just made up one using a stamp set that I wanted to use. I have made mine as just a little nick-knack idea to sit up (I gave it to a good friend who collects roosters) but I have seen them made as photo frames and menu card holders eg: a favourite recipe just to name a couple of ideas.So please, if you would like any info on any of the items pictured here eg: measurements I used for Step card, then please don't hesitate to email me as I am more that happy to help out where I can.


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