Saturday, August 22, 2009

Punch Art Fun....

After, not the last workshop, but the one before (Yeah... don't say it LOL - ps: still haven't put my convention swaps on yet either LOL) we had a bit of fun with some punch art. I only ended up with a morning group that time, and a small group at that, so a couple of the girls stayed for the afternoon. I had earlier that week gotten onto that wonderful site, SCS, and printed off a heap of different ideas which we tried. I then got out my scrap pile and literally dumped it into the centre of the table.

We made cows, sheep, owls, reindeer (sorry no photo of that one) Some we turned into cards, others we just made for the fun of it. We each made an 'owl' card as shown in the picture below.

This is Jacqui's sheep card which I thought was very impressive :) We made a few others but these were the only photos I have :(
Then my sister, who couldn't make it to that workshop, wanted to have a go at the things we made so she and I made them again later that week and also made this lady bug (we added an extra scallop to ours) and the frog in the next picture.

I LOVE punch art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it wonderfully amazing the things people come up with!!!
I got the ideas from these wonderfully creative people: owl, cow, sheep, ladybug, frog


Leah said...

I love punch art too! So much fun.
All your animals are sooo cute.

Annette said...

What cute cards, shall have to have a go at these, thanks for the ideas, take careX:)

Leonie said...

I agree, I think it's my most fav thing to do creativly

Mandy Schiller said...

Love your punch art cards those sheep are especially cute...


Jean McKenzie said...

I too love punch art!! As you probably notice I use punches on most of my cards so have a lovely stash of them to do punch art. These are all so cute - especially the owl! That would have been a very fun day!

Leigh said...

Oh Wow, some great punched cards there Debbie.

Debbie Pamment said...

I love punch art too - but want/need to spend more time doing it!!! There are some fabulous ideas out there - you chose a great variety to have fun with!

Kylie said...

Love your punch art cards Deb, their sooooo cute! But I do luv the frog one!!!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Irina said...

oh wow!! these are so cool!! I will have to give it a try!!

Art Courses said...


This is so great!!!

This would be so fun .... :D


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