Sunday, August 16, 2009

Matt's Birthday...

Here is my son's card that I made him for his 12th birthday (yes obvious I know.. LOL) I have printed from the computer, the main wording onto the white cardstock. I didn't like it when I first finished it as, yet again, it didn't turn out anything like I planned. So I went to bed and when I saw it in the morning I did like it :) He was really stoked with it and one can't ask for any more than that, can one....

ETA: Sorry - this is a Diorama Card (tutorial here) I have made mine slightly higher by cutting a piece of cardstock in half (lengthwise) then using their measurement for the length and the folds. Because of that I had to come in from both the top and bottom with the punches which makes a bigger 'window'.


Robyn said...

How could you not like this? It's fabulous! Great job!

Debbie Pamment said...

You always make such fabulous cards!! No wonder Matthew was stoked - it's amazing!!

Kylie said...

Wonderful Debbie!

Take Care,
Kylie X


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