Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cards...

Hi all - These are the cards I made for my 'girls'. I made 23 in total and BOY was I SICK of tying ribbons!!! LOL - They will enjoy knowing that! As they complain every time I put ribbon on one of the workshop cards (which is often! LOL)

I got the inspiration for this wonderful idea from
here. From the lovely and talented Debbie P. Thank you Debbie, for your wonderful inspiration. Debbie made hers quite a while ago and I have had the link saved ever since knowing that that was the card I was going to make.

I've really quite surprised myself this year (and with working...) as I am more organised at this stage of Christmas than I have been for many Christmases. It is such a good feeling LOL. Hope it stays this way (for a little while at least...)


Leonie said...

These look so cute, what a great idea! I had forgotten about Debbie P's!

Wendy said...

Debbie, these cards are gorgeous!!! Your 'girls' will love them!! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a great 2010!

Leigh said...

Excellent Christmas cards Debbie. Love that Candy Cane.

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW - how honoured do I feel to have you CASE my work! These are FABULOUS Debbie - but must admit to being glad I only made the one - LOL.
Have a safe and happy Christmas - thanx for your friendship and inspiration this year - the year ahead is full of fun possibilities!


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