Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Workshop

Wellllllllll helloooooooooooo there!! Yes it's me!!! Only a week and a half late from my workshop - not bad really I don't think LOL - I don't know how other people who work do everything, and on time too!!! I just always seem to be a week behind! Oh well, school holidays just around the corner - maybe I get caught up then... HA! Maybe not.... LOL

Anyway... These are the creations that we made at the workshop - I received a request from a workshop attendee asking could we do a Pop-up card and also could we use some of the SU Earth Elements colours. So I combined them to make the Surprise Pop-Up (Great tutorial on SCS - looooove that site!) and it went down a treat!!! I am also very proud of myself with how the layout turned out (second attempt LOL - didn't like the first one at all but was really happy with colours and design of this one).
I continued the colour scheme for the second card and this card is very similar to one in the old 2007-2008 SU Ideas Book and Catalogue. I really like the simplicity of it and it was sooo quick and easy!! Great layout if one needed a card in a hurry ( Note to self: better keep this idea close by LOL) and one could use any colour combination to suit receiver.
Our fun project was cased almost identically from something I made at one of Karen's (my upline) workshops - Thanks again Karen ( Think I should put a permanent Thank you in my side bar to Karen. LOL)

Anyway... So easily sidetracked.... The offer is up again for anyone who would like a pre-cut kit of the above cards delivered to your door. If you are interested, then don't hesitate, send me an email and I can pop one in the mail.

Unstamped: $12.00 (including postage)

Stamped: $15.00 (including postage)

I can also help you with anything else needed, stamps, inks, adhesives etc....
Email me for details.


Karen said...

Great Cards Deb - bet the girls loved them! Also, love how you have taken the pics of the cards - much better than the other backgrounds - it really shows the cards off!!


Leah said...

Really nice, love the colours.

Leigh said...

They are wonderful cards Deb. Good on you.


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