Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi all - I got on this morning to put some cards on my blog and found I didn't really have any photos to put on!!! I have been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to make any - I thought I had some photos of previous cards but this was all I had!
So I guess I will have to start making some cards won't I LOL
This card (try not to cringe too much at the colour scheme LOL - there was a method in our madness! I had seen this idea on Extreme Cards and Papercraft (see earlier pop-up for link) and really wanted to try it, so my sister came over and we made one each. We decided to make bright coloured flowers for inside to really grab the reciever then tried to match the colours on the outside. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Mind you, part of me likes it, if one likes the "bright" colours. My sister gave hers to our mum and mum loved it. But me, I'm more of a "pretty colours" girl.


Kylie said...

Hi Deb,
Just love your card! The colours are wonderful and I love that it's so bright and very cheerful, great job Deb!
Take care


Ketaki said...

Beautiful colors! nice card, great job!


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