Sunday, July 13, 2008

The BEST Day!!!

Hi again - we had the BEST day yesterday!!! It was great! My sister and I decided to have another of our card making sessions and this time, invited my two sister-in-laws along for the fun. We started at 10am approx. and Judy stopped at 6pm, Pam left us at 9pm and Mel and I finished at 10pm - 12 HOURS!!! Can you believe it!! (I made a joke mid-arvo about doing a 12 hour session like scrapbookers do - didn't believe we would do it - but NOT complaining) What fun we had!!! We all had a ball! (Well I did anyway, so I hope they did too LOL) (Should add that we wouldn't or couldn't have done it without my wonderful hubby)
We started off by making a double slider card (have made this actual card before and some of us wanted one for a sample) so we all roughly made the same thing to start us off - Judy making hers slightly different and making it into a father's day card - aren't they all lovely! It was so much fun - all yelling at each other, drinking coffee etc, etc. LOL - had to be there!

Then Judy had some things she wanted to finish off, so she started doing her own things, finishing off a couple of things and making a couple more. There is a great tutorial on SCS for the Tag Punch Star card and after seeing Kylie's on her blog, started us wanting to make one again. (I still haven't though) The other two cards are cased from out of the SU IB&C and the box is from the class planner by Andrea Walford, plus she worked on some bookmarks - Didn't she do well!

And while she was busy doing that, we the other three made a Glitter Window card each, cased from myself LOL (see earlier blogs LOL). We did the same card but did different colours this time. Cards left to right: Mine, Mel's and Pam's. Aren't we clever little cookies! :-)) (Photos are much chop - sorry)

And then we three made a suspension card, again SCS tutorial, again cased from ME! (See earlier posts LOL). And again using different colours. Pam wanted to use two different set, so made two cards at the same time, using the same colours. Cards from left to right: Mine, Pam's two, then Mel's. Again, clever cookies! LOL YILM LOL (Again - so sorry about the photos)

That all took us to tea time - yeah slow aren't we! So after tea we three played with the All Mixed Up set (discontinued) and each made a card. We have all used all four sets to make the fun little flip booklet on the front, but as you can see we each chose a different one for the front one, and aren't they all soooo cute!!!!

Then..... after that, Mel and I made up a heap of joined-together pictures of the "mixed up" people ready to colour for future cards while Pam made this super cute spinner/slider card from a card cased off bobkitten on SCS.

And then.... Mel made this pretty birthday card

and I had another play with the Mixed Up set and made this cute card! I wanted to write something like, Feeling out of sorts... or something like that but it didn't look right - oh well don't know what I'll use it for, but it is cute don't ya think :-))


Leigh said...

WOW!!!! Look at all that crafting. You have all been so busy. Good on you. So pleased you had a wonderful day. The cards look fantastic.

Kylie said...

Hi Deb,
What a great post! Looks like you all had an amazing day. Love everything you 'gals' made lol!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Have a great week!


Kim said...

WOW Debbie, You're so dedicated! LOL Sounds like lots of fun!!! Ad you all got so much done! FANTASTIC!!!!

Leah said...

What a fantastic day you must have had. Great cards, all of them.


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