Saturday, July 5, 2008

Team Swaps:

Hi again - here are the swaps from our latest team swap. Aren't we just a clever bunch of cookies...

First up is Jean's - Swap "Leader" - Her challenge to us was Diamond Dust and Piercing

This one is from Karen, our upline

This one is by "Yours Truely" ME!!

This one is by Leigh

This one by Jane

This one by Judy

And lucky last, Kylie's card.

They are all absolutly beautiful and as usual the photos do not do them justice, especially since they all have Diamond Dust on them, which doesn't photograph that well.

The last time I put swaps on, I took photos of groups, but decided that it didn't do the cards justice. but after spending hours stuggling to get this post to work (kept changing alignment!!! SOOOO frustrating!!!) I don't think I"ll do it this way again!! LOL

Ps: This is the lovely "Thank you" card from Jean, that was in with the swaps when they arrived. Isn't it sooo cute. Thanks Jean.


Tegan said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Don't you just LOVE swaps!!

Kylie said...

Wondeful post Deb!
Your photos turned out great, so clear not like mine lol!
I love the swaps too, their sooooo much fun and it's great getting them in the mail, beats bills ROFLOL!
Take care



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