Sunday, July 5, 2009

June Workshop...

Hi - I thought I had better get these on because it is nearly time for my next workshop! LOL

These are the cards from June's workshop (yes June!!!) and our special card for then was a 'Tilt' card. I struggled and struggled for ages to come up with a stamp set that I thought I could use, thinking it had to be something that hung so that it could swing. But after checking out different cards on SCS I then realised that it just needed to 'move' back and forth ie: tilt. So after a bit of playing I came up with caterpillars racing up the branch to get to the leaves. Cute??? I love it { Self praise :) } I had to do two caterpillars as one didn't cover the coin used. Instructions for a 'Tilt card' can be found here.

Our second card was yet again a convention inspired card but this one was off one of the display boards. I was going through the convention photos at home and came across a card that I thought was so simple but so effective. I have made a few changes but it is almost completely cased from the picture. I don't know who made the card though as no names were on the boards.
Then we made these cute note books. The idea is fron here on SCS. It is shown as a Christmas Wish List but I just made mine as a pretty note book. I did make a couple of these for gifts at Christmas and have always loved the idea.
If you need to know anything or anything I can help you with please don't hesitate to email me :)


Leonie said...

Great cards, especially love the last one!

Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous cards Deb - you're group must LOVE your workshops! Especially love the caterpillar - and that was BEFORE I read they 'tilt'!

Robyn said...

It's all very sweet Debbie! Looks like it was great fun! Love the note book-will have to keep that in mind for Christmas!

Leah said...

Such great fun projects. Love them.


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