Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Cup Cakes....

Hi all - Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with lots and lots of love..... My DH and I have been together now for 21 and a half years and we still acknowledge Valentine's Day. We don't usually go to a lot of expense or anything (mind you, this year I did get a voucher so am feeling rather spoilt!) My DH has bought me at least a card every year (even if at times I forgot until the day LOL) But we have always done nice things for each other like cook a special brekky or dinner etc.

Anyway on Saturday I was thinking that yet again I hadn't thought about it in time to got to the shops and there on the counter was a pamphlet for our local cheesecake shop advertising Valentine's cakes for one's loved ones. So I decided I would whip him up a Valentine treat.

I have looked at all the cup cake holders on the web for a while now and wondering when one could use them and thought this would be a great time. So in the middle of colouring my hair (LOL) I started making the above gift box as well as baking the little choccie cakes. Now amongst all this DH came home and did wonder what was going on as I said I was making the cakes for the kids lunches and he has taken on that job since before Chrissy (and we are usually making them on Sunday nights after we have just realised we need them for the next day.... and we already had some other types of cakes still in the freezer from his last bout of cooking...). So it did seem a bit strange to him..... LOL

So he woke up Sunday morning to find this little package waiting for him.... propped up on disposable shot glasses in the middle of a tray of water as we have a serious ant problem at the moment (should have taken a photo of that!!! LOL)

And this is the box before the cakes went in. I got the instructions from
here but have included this photo as I have added a tray to hold the cakes like others have done....


Robyn said...

Wow! So Yummy!(the cakes AND the gorgeous box) The hubby who remembers Valentines Day AND cooks cakes for the kids lunches sounds pretty yummy too!

Karen said...

Gorgeous little gift for your hubby Deb! Love it!


Debbie said...

That looks fab, thank you for the link and i hope you enjoyed those cakes, they look delicious! :)

Debbie Pamment said...

Such a cute idea - and such a wonderful presentation!!! Fabulous job Deb

Leonie said...

Wow that is fabbo Debbie!

Leah said...

So Sweet!
Great idea.

Kylie said...

Gorgeous little cupocake box, Deb and your cupcakes look sooooooooooo yummy lol!
Thanks for the link Deb!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Jean McKenzie said...

This is a great idea Debbie. You made a lovely little box and I bet those cupcakes were yummy too!

Kristy Geddes said...

Great job Deb,'
Have been flat this year, so haven't got much of stamping and blogging done and have really missed it. This box is too darn cute! Keep up the great work, I always enjoy coming on for a look.


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