Saturday, January 8, 2011

12 Days of Christmas....

Hi all - How are you are going and "Happy New Year" to you all - Hoping this year brings you all much love, happiness and prosperity!!!!

Just this last year past (I can say that now LOL) I pa
rticipated in our annual 'Secret Santa two weeks of fun' at work. We were given our SS and then for the last two weeks before the holidays we could chose to give them small gifts with clues for them to try and guess whose theirs was b
efore the big pressy giving day on the last day. Mine I knew was into all sorts of crafts (lucky me) so I decides to do a modified '12
Days of Christmas' for her. With help from my hubby and anoth
er friend we came up with some different things - but didn't get photos of all the things :(

The first thing I gave her was '12 Chicken Drummies' and I made a little box and put in 12 (yes only 12) of the little mini cracker biscuits that a
re shaped like chicken legs.

Next day I gave her this over-sized Christmas cracker w
ith 11 Chocolate wafer pipes. (on the tin they are called wafer sticks)
I printed the tags on the computer and cut them out with my Big Shot - I put the same tag on every one with whatever it was supposed to be, crossed out, with the new item written above it like in the picture.

For 10 Lords a Leaping, I changed Lords to frogs and filled this Santa box with 10 Freddo frogs. I got the idea for this box from here.
This is what I made for '9 Ladies Dancing' and this is where I realized maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew LOL... (I was making each item the night before) Anyway I decided I would make 9 dollies dancing but none of my friends who owned a Cri-cut had a dolls pattern (one friend could get it the next day for me but that was too late) ....... Soooo since I had my heart set on this idea (and I couldn't think of anything else that would go)....... I sat up till all hours making these from scratch!!! I found a picture and cut out each doll, each hair, each legs, each, leotard, each skirt... (don't you think that the vellum skirt was a nice touch) and then I glittered along the edge of each skirt and waist and hair bun.
I'm sure I took photos of all but the first and last but I only have the ones here plus two others which I have since found but am struggling to get them to go where I want them to go on here so will do them as a seperate post. AARGH!!!! - frustrating!!!!

Also..... since posting again I am having no end of trouble with my post, eg: half the writing one size and half another size and no amount of highlighting and clicking will change it!!!! AAAARGH!!!!!

I had my Christmas wish post all in different sizes and colours and really pretty on the posting screen and then I posted it and it was just small normal writing. I tried re-doing it from scratch and nope.... no changes :( don't cope when things don't work like they should....

I'm to the point of not blogging because I really can't cope with things like that!! LOL

Anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated... :)


Karen said...

Hi Deb!

I use to have sooooo much trouble with blogger doing whatever the heck it wanted with my text and like you - it drove me bonkers!

The only way I could fix it was to type the post up and then go in and edit the html codes - wayyyyy annoying to have to do that but it worked.

Then one day it started working as normal again and I have had no probs ever since. I think sometimes blogger gets little glitches, but when you like things to be perfect (or close to it) glitches are not good! lol


Anonymous said...

OMG Debbie, what alot of work you did, so wonderful and beautiful. A very clever idea but so much work. You are so clever and creative girl!

By the way I have the cricut paper doll dress up cartridge just for reference,I have had it for a few years now ha ha. So sorry you didn't know that.

LOVE LOVE your work as always

Jacqui G oxoxo


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