Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And onwards into another year...

Hi all - And my New Year's resolution is..... to be a better blogger!!! LOL One can only hope 'eh.

So to start with here is the very last Chrissy card I made. It was for a friend who likes frangapanis..... But sadly I failed miserably and they don't look anything like them LOL.

I did like the card in the end though. My train of thought was a 'frangapani wreath' but I missed with both..... but as I mentioned, I did actually like the final card even if I didn't get the intended look :)

Ps: I have used Crystal Effects on the flowers and also to make 'brads' on the bottom. I have done the CE brads before but this time they didn't dry clear. Can someone tell me what I did that they didn't dry clear this time as I am stumped......


Leigh said...

It's still a lovely card Debbie.

Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Deb - this may not be exactly what you had in mind but I think it's turned out beautiful!!! Not sure what has gone wrong with your CE - sometimes humidity can make varnishes go cloudy - I make sure never to varnish on a wet day - maybe CE is the same??????

Kylie said...

Lovely card Deb, I think it turned out great!
I can't help you with the Crystal Effects as you see me and Crystal Effects don't get along roflol, so we have parted ways lol!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2010!
Take Care,
Kylie X

PS I'm so naughty I haven't thank you for my stunning Birthday Card, it's lovely Deb and it's taking pride of place on my craft desk and I love the layout, I sure will be caseing it lol, thanks again Deb, Hugs XX

Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie,
Loved the idea because I love frangipanis too. They actually have 5 petals so maybe that would make them look more like frangipanis. But I love the effort and effect.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm that was my comment
Jacqui G xoxo


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