Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fantasy Box.... Finally!!!

Hi all - Well I finally did it! I have wanted to make one of these for nearly three years now, after I saw one at my upline's house (Karen), when I was first introduced by her to cardmaking. They have always looked very scary though so I have put it off. But they are not scary at all, only very, very time consuming!!! And....... Half way through making it I also realised that my memory was playing tricks on me as I remembered it being larger??????????? LOL.

I made it to fill with chocolates to give to a dear friend for Christmas but realised half way through that there was NO WAY I was going to fit the chocolates I had in mind in to it LOL. So it sat there for about a week while I decided what to do. It turns out that each tray will fit about 5 mini Tolborone chocs in it so I did that and then just gift wrapped the rest of the chocs and gave both to her.

It really is gorgeous... and so cute! It would make a great gift to a scrapper or card maker filled with little hardware etc. bits and pieces.

Anyway if you want to give one a go then the instructions can be found here. Terri has very kindly done up fantastic, very clear, easy to follow instructions. Thank you Terri. Ps: Mine is almost a complete case from the one pictured on the printable instructions :)


Robyn said...

Gorgeous Deb! TFS!I have always wanted to try one of these too!

Debbie Pamment said...

I love these too - yours is fabulous - who wouldn't want to get one of these filled with yummy chocolate!!!

Leigh said...

Wowee Debbie!!! It looks fabulous.

Kylie said...

Oh WOW Deb, your box looks fantastic, great job, love it!!!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Anonymous said...

You are so so clever and have so much patience ha ha. It is unreal Debbie. Love it all, I have seen them before but thought too hard for me right now but I might just try it someday soon.

Jacqui G

Leonie said...

I love these little boxes too, I made a few late last year, yours looks fabbo! Great job :)

wildmary said...

Beautiful and useful project! Just visiting from northern Michigan...keep on blogging!


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