Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seahorse Card?.... What the?.....

Hi all - remember me :) Yeah long time no hear and I'm not making promises this time that I probably won't keep LOL

There is no valid reason why I haven't blogged for so long (not like I haven't made any cards) but I did/am finding it hard to start again... it was like it had been so long that every time I thought about it I would think, no I'll do it tomorrow, and you all know the saying about tomorrow..... so I was sitting here thinking do I want to sit and curse the blogging program again ('cause yes, things have not improved from my last rantings) and thought bugger - JUST DO IT!!! LOL

Then came the confusion of where to start... do I start from where I left off or do I put something recent on.... decisions, decisions, decisions...... So I thought I would start with a very unusual one...

My sister asked me a couple of weeks ago to make her a card to give to her friend's teenage daughter... easy you say.... she then said she wanted it to have a seahorse on it.... Yeah..... And as I always say to my sister, Yeah no worries, leave it with me :) What to do, what to do, so I make a card with a seahorse picture on it somewhere or do I go all out.... Of course I go all out! LOL

I was reasonably pleased with the result, my sister was pleased and the friend's daughter loved it! What more could one want!!

Is this where I put in, incase her friend sees this, is that my sister asked me to make it WAY before the birthday and I forgot all about it :} so that's why it has the belated message.... LOL

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Karen said...

Deb thats a great card!! You should be really pleased with it! You're so good at all these novelty type cards......makes me look very boring! lol

Just emailed you details on Ragdoll Kittens!



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