Friday, March 13, 2009

A Swap Card....

Hi all - here is a card I made for a colour challenge ages ago and didn't get round to putting it on my blog. We had to use the colour 'Summer Sun' and I am NOT a yellow person AT ALL! But I am pleased to say that I didn't mind this at all when I finished it. I think the other colours helped really set it off. (Straight off the you-beaut SU colour wheel - If you haven't got one yet then ya just gotta get one!!!) I also really liked the simplicity of it.


Leonie said...

Yes, that is a very simple, yet pretty card, yellow is a tricky one huh? I have to get me one of those wheels.

Leigh said...

Great Deb. Yellow is sometimes so hard to use.

Kylie said...

Love your card Deb!
Love the layout, like Leigh, I find yellow hard to use lol but your card is great!
Take Care,
Kylie XX


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