Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anything But....

Hi all - This is an idea that I have wanted to try for a long time and when Kristy put a challenge on her blog for 'Anything but a card', I thought this would be the perfect opportunity...

But... me being me, downloaded the template for a later date but didn't bother to have a look at how they were made or anything along those lines of common sense!!! LOL. When I was trying to make it, I also couldn't find another one on the web or where I had originally got this from in the first place!!! So had to blunder on alone with no idea what I was doing... so you guessed it... I did EVERYTHING around the wrong way!

But as with all things lost... they always, always turn up just when you have finished!
I didn't like to post this without giving credit, so went looking again and have found that I got this template from 'paperfrenzy' at SCS. (Beats me why I was unable to find it when I was first looking) After seeing this, ya gotta admit it... It's CUUUTE isn't it! But.... after making one, who in their right mind would!!!! No only kidding, it really wasn't that bad... not quite anyway LOL

Ps: While trying to find where I got it from I came across an absolutly gorgeous one HERE and she makes a very important point which I thought of also, that I will certainly do if I ever make another one... Punch holes and tie back straps BEFORE assembling LOL - Oh well, some things ya just gotta learn!!!

Pss: While punching holes in a tiny half complete box with a Crop-a-dile, MAKE SURE other side is out of the way!!!! Again these common sense things that get me every time! ROFLOL


Tracey said...

Thanks Debbie, for your lovely comment on my blog. I've been browsing yours ever since and have found lots and lots I'm listing to CASE (full credit to you of course!) You might just see something familiar very soon....
The back pack is great - I've been looking for ages for good tutorial, and found this video one the other day

Kylie said...

Soooo pretty and just sooooo cute lol!
Great job Deb!
Love the colours you used!
Take Care


Leah said...

Hi Debbie, great job. I love how your not scared to have a go at tricky things. It's so cute.


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