Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Funday...

Hi all - My sister popped over this morning to make some cards (she rang at 7.30am Sunday ?? What the?.... to see if I wanted to)

I still hadn't gotten round to making that birthday card that I had wanted to make. So in between helping her make a couple of cards, I made this card. I started out by using a colour challenge from
Makeesha, that I missed (by about a week!!!! LOL) The colours were supposed to be Elegant Eggplant, Soft Sky, Pretty in Pink and Whisper White. Since I missed it, I thought I could change the colours LOL, so I have left out the Soft Sky. I was going to add a touch of green but decides the leaves were enough. I have also glittered the flowers. I just LOOOVE that look - Soooo pretty!!!I also love the spiral pop-out from SCS (link in earlier post) so have done that again for an added surprise for her. AND don't forget that 'Belated" stamp LOL....
My sister had made one of the spiral pop-outs also, but since it was the same as the the one I had made in an earlier post, I didn't worry about posting that one (sorry sis).

But she has also been wanting to try the pop-out lettering from Extreme Papercraft, so I showed her how. The rest of the card is pretty much her own doing. She did get some inspiration from
Kylie's card for the front.
I'm certainly impressed with how it turned out, especially the inside - I think it looks amazing.
Bye for now.....

Ps: I have another 40th card to make before the weekend - I wonder if I'll be using that 'Belated' stamp again.... ROFLOL!!!


Karen said...

Just fantastic Deb! Great job!


Leah said...

I've never really used elegant eggplant, it looks good. Love the glitter too.

cpeep said...

Ooo, that came out nicely!

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

cpeep said...

Oh, and I meant to add....did you know you can make the spiral on the spiral card in any shape, not just a circle? A triangle...a square...a star....

Leigh said...

This is fabulous Deb. I would love to learn this tech.


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