Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Belated Challenge...

Hi all -These two cards were made using a challenge idea by Makeesha - the challenge was to use a card she had chosen in the SU catalogue for ones sketch layout and make up three different cards using the 'sketch idea' - Well I got the first two done, but didn't quite get round to the third one - had planned to, just didn't happen!!! LOL

This was my first card. Was wanting a birthday card for a fellow team member's birthday, but didn't like this as much as I would like. Soooo back to the drawing board.....
So then I made this one, which I LOVED!
But I also used the SCS Spiral pop-up tutorial for this one, to give it a little extra....

I was very pleased with this one, but as you can see from the front sentiment, I procrastinate too much and put too much worrying into cards for specific reasons. Sooo it was gonna be late!!

Which comes to the reason that I haven't got a third one done LOL. I needed another birthday card which I was gonna use for the third card for the challenge, but..... The challenge is finished and the winner announced!! LOL And I still haven't made the b'day card, AND the b/day in question is TOMORROW!!! LOL. That 'Belated' stamp certainly gets a workout from me!

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Robyn said...

That spiral with the butterfly is gorgeous!


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