Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fancy Fairies

At last I'm adding photos LOL - What's a blog without them right????

The pink one was for a baby girl and the purple one was for a friends daughter's 7th birthday. These were done before I joined Stampin' Up (but had started going to a monthly Stampin Up workshop) using a stamp that I have had for years. The idea for the tuelle skirt was something I had seen long ago and I had bought the stamp especially for it. And it's not hard to do - get a tiny bit of tuelle twice the length and twice the width of the skirt on the stamp, fold it in half. The folded edge will be the top of her skirt. Bring the thread up through the stamped image on one side of her skirt then hand-stitch tiny gathering stitches along the folded section and back down through the image on the other side of her skirt and tie it at the back. Clear as mud right???? The actual card idea was a tutorial off SCS.


Karen said...

Woooooohooooo!! Great Pics Deb!! Keem em' comin', Keep em' comin'! lol


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, I made it to your blog!! Your photos all look great - I even recognise a few of them as ones I or my kids have received. We are so lucky to have such a crafty, dedicated friend who makes us such beautiful cards.

Kylie said...

Hi Deb, your cards are sooooo beautiful and cute!
~Take Care~ XX


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