Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy birthday to me.....

I'm soooo sorry - with everything that has been happening in the last week, I forgot to show you all the beautiful handmade cards I received recently for my birthday. Am I one of the luckiest people out there or what! This alone is a fantastic reason to be involved in cardmaking don't you think! Who wouldn't want to be the receiver of all these beautiful cards. As you can see, they are all completely different but all equally beautiful. I love seeing the versatility of different people and their unique styles. Thank you all for really making my birthday special this year (p.s: I turn 40 next year lol - looking forward to that! lol)
First one is from Karen, SU Demonstrator in Mackay. (my upline)
Second one is from Jean, SU Demonstrator in Blackwater.
Third one is from Kylie, SU Demonstrator in Adelaide.
Forth is from Melissa, Sister-In-Law.
Fifth and Sixth are from Judy, Sister-In-Law and SU Demonstrator in Mackay. (One from her as a demonstrator and one from her family LOL)
Once again thank you all!


Leigh said...

Wonderful lot of cards Deb.

Kylie said...

Great cards you received Deb! Hope you had a wonderful day!
~Take Care~
Kylie XX

Debbie M said...

I had an "interesting" day, Kylie LOL, but receiving all those beautiful cards certainly made up for it! Debbie M


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